Tips for Writing a Great First Email

So you’ve just had a great night of speed dating, you’re pretty sure you’ve made some promising connections, but what now? The first email of course! And while it’s important to maximize your dating experience by writing that all-important 1st contact, you want to sound natural, not overly eager, and not like you’re trying too […]

Tips for Getting Over Unrequited Love

We all know that being in love can put us on top of the world, but what happens when we love someone and our affections aren’t returned? Unrequited love can be one of the most painfully confusing relationship issues we go through. It can be all-consuming, disappointing – even devastating, and 100% unhealthy. Trying to […]

6 Ways to Make Cohabiting Easy

Here’s the scenario: You and your significant other spend a lot of time together, which means one or both of you are commuting across town every day to see each other. And you’re both paying rent. Moving in together is now a subject you’re both thinking about; after all, it is the logical step in […]