Dating a Woman With Kids

Dating a Woman With Kids: How to Show Her You’re Serious You’ve fallen for her. She’s someone you could settle down with, and you want to show her in every way possible that you accept her children and see a future as a family. How do you prove to her and her kids that you’re […]

Relationship Games

We all liked to play games as children, it was our way to be creative and use our imagination, to engage with our friends on a social level, and to generally have fun and not worry about things. Part of what makes games fun is the element of surprise, and being able to experience each […]

5 Benefits of Speed Dating

Are you sick of wasting a full night on a dud of a date set up by Muriel from HR? Are you tired of impersonal online chats that lead nowhere? Speed dating services bring professional singles together to find a mutual match. Read on to find out why speed dating is right for you: 1. […]