Unconventional Date Ideas: How to Liven up Your Dating Experience

Don’t plan your dates with the typical dinner-and-a-movie formula, but rather spice up your dating life with some new and exciting activities. Find some common interests between you and your romantic interest or try new things together. If you need some help getting started, here are some unconventional dates that will liven up your dating experience:

Art Appreciation

Create a cultural experience for you and your date by visiting an art museum. Explore a museum together and discuss what you think about the different exhibits and the process the artists must go through. At the end of your date, visit the museum cafe for some coffee or lunch so you can continue talking about your experience.

Another way you can explore art is through your community’s art walk. This type of event typically allows lesser-known artists to showcase their work, some of which is experimental and fun. Galleries often provide wine and small bites on art walk nights, which gives you another taste of your community.

Before you plan this type of date, accumulate a little art knowledge so you can impress your partner. Check out “The Art Book” for an overview of all things art.

Road Trip

Hit the road for an adventurous day-date. Escape the city and drive to the outlying areas for fun events and activities. Tailor your trip in accordance with the seasons. For example, in the fall you and your date can venture out into rural farmland for a stop at a family-owned pumpkin patch. Pick your own pumpkins and then take them home and carve them together. In the spring, look for garden festivals that showcase beautiful blooms.

As you drive to your destination, leave extra time to stop at cute eateries and shops. Just make sure you have many forms of payment with you, including cash, credit card or Apple Pay on your iPhone so you can pay as you go.

Out Into Nature

Venture out into nature for a day hike or a recreational activity. Make sure your date knows what kind of footwear and clothing to wear for the climate and how long the hike will be. Don’t make the hike too strenuous for your first date because you don’t want to try to hold a conversation and catch your breath at the same time.

If you live near water, take your date out on a kayak or canoe tour. The two of you can actively engage in this fun and leisurely sport, have a conversation about the nature around you and find your sync with your paddle strokes.

In the Kitchen

Cozy up in the kitchen and make dinner with your date at home. Have a cookbook handy, like “Cooking for Two,” so you and your date can choose a recipe together. Make an event out of your meal and visit your local grocery or gourmet food store for ingredients. Work together in the kitchen and create your delectable dish as a team.

Purchase some wine the two of you can enjoy while you cook and then with your dinner. Don’t let your date get hungry while you make your meal, either. Have some snacks on hand like cheese and crackers or crudites. Make sure you allow plenty of time for this activity, so your cooking adventure doesn’t go too late into the night.

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