Make sure you receive all 25dates.com email!

Did you know that if you have Spam or Junk Filters enabled, and you haven't included 25dates.com in your Address Book or on your Safe List, it's possible that invitations are being delivered straight to your Spam or Junk folder?

This means that unless you check those folders regularly, you could be missing invitations to a 25dates.com event, or not receiving your matches. You should also make sure that your inbox is not full. Most webmail services such as Yahoo and Hotmail have very limited storage allowances. If your inbox is full invitations from 25dates.com will not be delivered.

Please follow the step by step instructions provided below. This will ensure that your invitations are delivered to your inbox (as long as its not full!)

* Yahoo

1. Log on to your Yahoo account
2. Click on the Addresses tab (top left hand side of the page)
3. Click on Add Contact
4. In the Name section add 25dates.com and with Email you should add @25dates.com
5. Click Save Contact and then on the next page click done.

* Hotmail

1. Log on to your Hotmail account
2. Click on the Options link (located on the top right hand side)
3. Click on Mail (left hand side menu)
4. Click on the Junk Email Protection link
5. Click on Safe List
6. Enter 25dates.com in the text field and click the Add button.

The general idea is to add info@25dates.com as an email address to your Contact list and/or Address book.
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