Tips for Keeping Commitment Alive

So you’ve finally found someone you’re compatible with, that you can picture yourself spending the rest of your life with. So that’s it, right? Fairy tales and the media tell us we can relax and live happily-ever-after! Wrong. If you’ve ever actually been in a relationship, you know that it takes more than just compatibility and good intentions to create a healthy and committed relationship…

Tips for Keeping Commitment Alive

1. Just be you. If you’re in this relationship for the long haul, the sooner you reveal yourself the better. All too often we’re on our “best behaviour” early on, trying to impress each other, instead of really getting to know each other. If this is the right person for you, they will love you, foibles and all.

2. Pick your battles. You know the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”? This goes double for relationships. If you’re constantly needing to get your way and have everything “perfect” (in your perspective), chances are you’re not allowing your partner to be themselves. Just because you think you’re right all the time, doesn’t mean you are – in a relationship, your partner’s voice is just as important and relevant as yours.

3. Laugh. Find ways to laugh with each other whenever possible. Laughter really is the best medicine; it relieves tension and reminds us not to take life so seriously. Watch funny movies together, tell jokes, tease each other and smile 🙂

4. Accept their apologies. When your partner apologizes to you, be gracious about it. Holding onto resentment and continuing to make someone feel bad after they’ve had enough courage to apologize is selfish and immature. The point is to get along – remember you are friends.

5. Keep the romance alive. Let your partner know you still find them attractive, and be spontaneous! Sending a naughty text, getting some new lingerie or cooking a romantic dinner are just a few ways you can keep things spicy – and making a little bit of effort can go a long way!

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