Tips for Revealing a Secret to Your Partner

Secrets. We all have them or have had them at some point in our lives, and they can make certain relationships or situations complicated, to say the least. When we’re in the process of dating someone, our goal is usually to get to know each other, thus becoming more intimate. But what happens when there’s […]

Individuality – Are You Being Yourself?

These days, it’s fair to say that as humans, we’re evolving on many levels. Social and personal conformity has become less important, gradually being replaced by self-expression and individuality. Evolution is inevitable, and because it’s now happening on levels of spirituality and consciousness, it can at times, be confusing and even overwhelming. Bridging the gap […]

Tips for Removing Expectations

It seems as though the more chaotic life gets, the more we try to control it. We seem bound by time and schedules, we’re constantly telling ourselves how things “should” be and how the people around us “should” behave, and by doing so, we’re filled with unrealistic expectations which lead us to constant disappointment. Even […]

Why Some Women Remain Single

Throughout history, a very different picture has been painted when it comes to the Single Woman vs. the Single Man. Single men are seen as “bachelors” – independent, having fun, and enjoying life to its fullest before getting “chained down” by a woman. Single women on the other hand, have long been seen as less […]

How Does Lying Harm Us?

Telling lies is something we’ve all done, and probably all do on occasion – some of us more than others of course. By definition, a lie is a form of deception, which contains three characteristics: The liar intends to mislead or deceive, their lie communicates some information, and the liar knows what they’re saying is […]

Love Stories

Love stories – If you sometimes find yourself falling into that negative headspace of “STILL” being single, we’re here to catch you! We know love is possible, because we’re lucky enough to have our clients tell us it happens all the time! The fact that we can even be part of facilitating such a wonderful […]

Is Marriage Still Relevant?

It’s pretty amazing to think of how much marriage, relationships, and even human interaction in general, have changed within the last 100 years.  It used to be that marriage was assumed, something that everyone did – a carry-over from the days where it was mainly a business agreement.  If a woman didn’t get married, she […]