Life After Speed Dating

Sometimes, we live in our own worlds and have trouble seeing ourselves from other peoples’ perspectives. It’s a pretty common theme these days and understandable; we tend to live more self-contained lives when we’re in the big city. So, we at thought it would be fitting to put together some Contact Email Etiquette to […]

5 Benefits of Speed Dating

Are you sick of wasting a full night on a dud of a date set up by Muriel from HR? Are you tired of impersonal online chats that lead nowhere? Speed dating services bring professional singles together to find a mutual match. Read on to find out why speed dating is right for you: 1. […]

Speed Dating Body Language

Studies show that during interpersonal communication, only 7% of a message is verbally transmitted.  That leaves 93% of a message being transmitted non-verbally – 38% through vocal tones and inflections, and 55% through facial expressions and body language.  Often there is a discrepancy between the verbal and non-verbal messages, and experts say when in doubt […]