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Are you an Asian single who wants to meet that special someone? Well you have found the right place -! Membership is free until you decide to go to one of our singles speed dating events where you can date another Asian single as well as non-Asian singles. If you are an Asian single and truly ready to meet your mate, speed dating could be just the thing for you. This way, you get to pick only the singles you want to see again, with no pressure to sit through a long boring date. Each date is only 3 minutes long and then you move on to meet the next single. Is 3 minutes enough time to get to know someone? Well we've done our research and we've found that it's definitely long enough to know if you DON'T want to see that person again and enough time to know that you would like to talk to them more. [google_ad] is an introduction service where you will be introduced to other Asian singles as well as non-Asian singles. After the night is over it's up to you to pursue your connection based on whom you matched with. A match is when 2 singles say "yes" to each other, expressing interest to meet again. So as you can see, if you're an Asian single you've found the right singles company to help you meet other Asian singles or non-Asian singles. We'll see you at one of our singles speed dating events soon!