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If you are a Canadian single and you reside in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Mississauga, then you are in luck, and we'll let you know why - soon enough. As a Canadian single, we are sure you have already noticed that it can be a little more difficult meeting fellow adult singles than it used to be. When you were young, you were in school and so not only were you meeting people all the time, but chances were good that those you met, were not married. Now, as an adult single, many of your friends are probably already hooked up. The people you meet at work are not the best choice to start a relationship with and you really just meet a lot less people than you used to. Do you ever wonder why it is that so many people around you have found love and it just seems to allude you? There is no logical reason that you can see that you shouldn't be in a happy relationship also. You look and smell good, you have a decent job, you have worked on yourself and you are a good human being. [google_ad] Well you know what? You are right. There should be no reason for you to be single if you don't want to be. So maybe you have tried to find adult singles at a bar, joined a sports league, signed up for an on-line dating service, or gone on some singles adventures, and those are possibly all a part of your strategy, but what you really need to do is increase your odds by exposing yourself (and we don't mean literally!) to as many singles as you possibly be can. As you know by now, Prince or Princess Charming isn't just going to arrive on your doorstep one day. That is something that you need to actively pursue. And so that is where we come in! In just one night, you will meet up to 25 singles, all in the same boat as you. All ready to meet someone, all open to the process, and all expanding their possibilities. An adventurous and take-charge bunch of people for sure! And the results show it. On average, 75% of those who attend our events find someone they like who likes them back. We have had numerous marriages (new ones being announced monthly!), many, many relationships, and lots of great times. There is no reason why you shouldn't give it a try, or two or three. Out of 25 or 50 or 75 people or more, if there is no one you like, perhaps it is time to go back to the "working on yourself" part. Oh and we almost forgot to mention the extra special added bonus. If you don't get a match (you like someone and they like you back), at a paid speed dating event, the next time is free! So if you are an adult single, looking for other adult singles, we are the place to be - sign up now!