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With the recent media attention concerning insurance companies charging different premiums based on peoples' zodiac signs, Canada's leading Speed Dating Service,, decided to conduct their 2007 Love and Sex Survey Vol. 2, and compiled the results based on astrological signs. The survey, polling 660 people, was conducted from February 14th, 2007 to March 15th, and indeed shows significant differences in peoples' attitudes towards dating based on their zodiac signs. Three of the most compelling trends that we unveiled show that: Capricorns seem to have very idealistic, romantic, and contradictory notions when it comes to love; Taurus is the hardest working when it comes to trying to find love; and Cancer wants love the most but does the least work to try to find it. [google_ad] Capricorn Trends It seems Capricorns can fall in love based on information about someone, sight unseen: Do You Believe You Can Fall in Love with Someone Without Having Met Them in Person? 34.62% of CAPRICORNS say YES (highest) 5% of ARIES say YES (lowest) Capricorns, appear to be big believers in marriage: Do You Believe Marriage Should be until "Death Do You Part"? 88.46% of CAPRICORNS say YES (highest) 42.11% of AQUARIANS say YES (lowest) Even though it seems that Capricorns believe strongly in marriage, they are the most populous group contributing to infidelity: Have You Ever Had an Affair with a Married Person? 57.69% of CAPRICORNS say YES (highest) 5.26% of SCORPIOS say YES (lowest) Taurus Trends How much time do you spend each month actively trying to find a partner? 45.45% of TAURUS' spend 7+ hours a month (highest) 66.66% of CANCERS spend between 0-2 hours a month (lowest) Cancer Trends Even though Cancers spend less time than any other sign each month actively trying to find love, it seems to be the most imperative for them to find love: How imperative is it for you to meet that special someone? 86.67% of CANCERS say it is pretty important (highest) 46.15% of CAPRICORNS find it only mildly important (lowest)