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Boy has the dating game changed in the last 10 years! With the advent of internet dating, gone are the days when the only way you were dating singles was through people you knew. Dating singles nowadays is quite different from what it was. Now you have so many choices - online dating singles sites are abundant, with singles groups, singles clubs and singles events also being great ways for dating singles. [google_ad] If you live in a big city like Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver, you will find many activities for dating singles. There are sports clubs, singles mingling parties, singles dances and also singles speed dating events. is a singles speed dating company that is in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver! This is a great way for dating singles, because it combines the ease and practicality of the internet with the essential human ingredient of meeting someone face to face. We're still all human after all, and we need that human connection when we're dating singles. At a event, you will have 25 three-minute dates in one night! You get to choose who you want to see again, which is a very important factor when you're dating singles. Our membership is free - the only time you'll pay is once you've chosen a specific singles speed dating event to attend. If you want to increase your methods of dating singles, why not try