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So you are single, single, single. You look at lovers holding hands while strolling along the boardwalk enviously, you watch romantic movies and imagine that it should be you, you may even feel a little jaded. It doesn't have to be like that though. Sometimes being single is just what the doctor ordered. There is no need to rush into anything. This is a time to enjoy and cherish. A time to do what you want and need to do. It is perhaps a time to do some soul searching. To reflect on what was good in your previous relationships, and what you could have done without. It is a time to analyze whether there are recurring themes in your past relationships, and if so, why. [google_ad] This is also a time to explore. To slowly start to integrate yourself into the dating scene again. To try some new and different things. The world is yours right now. Go out with different people. Join us at one of our speed dating events. We have many speed dating events in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. In one night you will meet up to 25 singles at a event. Think about how great the odds are that you might meet someone you like. And if you don't get at least one match (meaning both people like each other) the next time is free. But don't limit yourself to just one person, pick as many people as you think there might be some connection with. You can then explore that connection later. Remember, this is a time at which you are not tied to any relationship. This means that anything is possible. So once you are ready, sign up for an event at Our web address is: You'll meet a lot of great single people.