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With so many dating and singles websites out there, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. How do you know that the site you are interested in can be trusted? Even though many dating and singles sites on the web are viable, reliable and solid businesses, there are some that are definitely there just to take your money. Luckily, with some common sense and a few tips on what to look for, you should be able to spot those dating and singles sites and avoid them like the plague. [google_ad] Do they have contact info including a phone number? Should you have any questions, there should be an e-mail address that you can write to, as well as preferably a phone number you can contact them at. If the site has neither - move on. Do they have a viable payment method? If a dating and singles website charges for their services, is there a viable on-line payment method? If they only have a mailing address, or if they only allow you to pay at the door (in the case of speed dating or mingle parties), they are either not a serious enough business, or they have not been able to get approval for on-line payments. The same counts, though to a lesser degree, for if their payments are processed by PayPal. If a dating and singles website does have a payment option, once you get to the pay page, check your url bar. Instead of http, it should now read https. The "s" stands for secure and you should NEVER process a payment unless you see that. At, we have been hosting events since February of 2002 and been covered on everything from CNN to the Discovery Channel. We have helped to bring together many happy couples. It has been our passion to do so, and it shows! We have our contact information on the site and encourage you to call or e-mail us should you have any questions. We have been processing payments for 5 years and there has never been a problem. We have a secure provider who deals with only that - processing payment securely. Why not check out one of our speed dating events near you? Meet 25 singles in one night, and if you don't get at least one match, the next time is free!