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If you are looking for hot singles, we have found the place for you. At our speed dating events, there are many hot singles. There used to be the conception that those who attended a dating service were those who couldn't get a date. If that is your understanding also, it is a time to get with the times! Many hot singles attend our speed dating events. The profile of those who attend are not of singles who can not get dates. They are of singles who are busy professionals, that have focused time on their career. They are singles who do not want to meet people at bars and that have met their friend's friends already. They are singles who might have tried online dating, and realize that speed dating is a very effective way to meet a lot of other hot singles. [google_ad] They are also adventurous (for trying speed dating) and open to meeting someone. At, we get a lot of feedback from those who have attended one of our events. Do you know what we hear almost more than anything else? "I was pleasantly surprised by the people that were there!" and "It was a lot better than I could have even imagined". But you don't have to take our word for it. In 2006, the Toronto Star had a relationship challenge. They sent quite a few of their participants to a speed dating event. Their comments upon first walking in? "Lots of attractive people," Roger thought. "An upbeat, friendly group." Geoff spotted "a few gems" right away. So if you haven't tried speed dating yet, and you are looking to meet with some hot singles, sign up now! If you don't get a match, the next time is free!