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In this day and age, it's hard to find "the one". Are you searching for other Jewish Singles in the hopes that they might be "the one"? is definitely here to help. When we started this singles speed dating service, our aim was to help great singles meet other great singles Does this sound like you? Our events have been the facilitator for many relationships, marriages, and yes - even babies!! All this can happen, and when you sign up for a membership - it's FREE! You will be offered a newsletter, discounts and specials as a member. [google_ad] And did you know who started the concept of Speed Dating for singles? A Rabbi! Yes that's right - a rabbi in LA found that he had many Jewish single friends. He created the concept of singles speed dating to help his Jewish single friends. Originally each date was 7 minutes, but because we have so many Jewish singles and other singles for you to meet, we had to condense each single date to 3 minutes. It doesn't seem like a long time for a date, but have you ever been on one of those horrible never-ending blind dates? Where you feel like you'll be there for eternity? Well no more! Three minutes is enough time to know if you never want to see that person again; it's enough time to know if you'd like to get to know the person better and hopefully develop something meaningful, where you would feel comfortable taking them home to meet your family. So calling all Jewish Singles - is the company for you! We'll introduce you and you decide what's best for you!