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If you are single and want to meet singles in Vancouver, the only small challenge is, where do you find someone to go on all these fabulous dates with? With over 67,000 single men in Vancouver and over 66,000 single women, according to Stats Canada, there should certainly be someone for everyone, it is just a matter of finding where to meet singles in Vancouver! Vancouver's mild climate and many scenic areas make it one great place to meet singles, and go on some great dates in Vancouver! There are the mountains, the lakes and rivers, as well as the ocean and many beaches in Vancouver. Whether it be a picnic on the beach or in Stanley Park, or a day skiing on Grouse Mountain, Cyrpress Mountain or Mount Seymour, there is no lack of romantic dates to go on in Vancouver! [google_ad] If you are tired of being single and you're serious about wanting to meet singles in Vancouver, don't sit on the sidelines, put yourself out there and give love a chance! Did you know that according to a survey done on, although most singles rate it to "pretty important" that they meet that special someone, on average most of those same singles only spent between 1-3 hours a month, trying to actively meet singles! Think about anything that you have deemed "pretty important" to have, and think about how much time you have spent on it and we think you will find you spent more time on that than you have on meeting singles in Vancouver. Undoubtedly, you have spent more time on your studies and your career. Looking for that special someone, does not mean you are desperate, it means you are pro-active and to make it a priority is just common sense. Take the time to get out there to meet singles in Vancouver and as many as you can. Let your friends know you are looking for a good man or woman and to meet singles in Vancouver. Go on some blind dates. Hey, some of them might not work out, but what do you have to lose and you should go in with an open mind and just enjoy the moment. Join a gym, take some classes that interest you. Join a sport activity. Attend one of our singles speed dating events, where you will be introduced to 25 singles of the opposite sex who are also actively looking to date and meet singles in Vancouver. Membership is free, it is just a pay as you play philosophy we have. And don't forget to really be open to the process of finding good people to date. Don't come into anything with an attitude of "I am too good for everyone" and "show me what you've got so I can judge whether I deem you worthy". If those are your thoughts, perhaps it is time to examine yourself more. So what are you still sitting here, reading for? Get pro-active about your love life and go meet singles in Vancouver!