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Are you a positive single, or a negative single? If you belong to the group of positive singles, you are way more likely to find a partner, should you so choose, than if you are not. As has been shown and proven time and time again, a positive attitude goes a long way. If you go into something, anything, thinking "this is not going to work", "I hate this", "people suck", or I am a loser", then you will get a lot of just that. [google_ad] How you see yourself and the world makes all the difference in who you attract to yourself. If you think all men are cheaters for instance, then guess what you will be attracting. And if the man wasn't inclined to cheat, by the time you are through with him, he will certainly feel like it. Maybe you can hide negativity for the first few dates, if you try really hard, but in time, your true views and colors will show and who wants to be with someone for whom the world is one big ball of misery. And who truly would want to feel like that. So if you feel like you are not a positive single, and you would like to change that, then why waste time. Being a positive single is a choice. You can choose to be jaded and see the world negatively, or you can choose to get more out of life. There are a lot of books that address this and can help you, as well as seminars and therapists and mentors. Once you have the right attitude, it is time to venture out there and find that perfect partner for you. And where better to do that then with a company who has been setting up singles for years! Attend one of our events and meet 25 singles in one night (believe us, for those who come in with a negative thoughts, we can tell right away!). Our speed dating events are very popular and many positive singles attend our events. In Toronto, we have at least 2 events a week. In Mississauga, Calgary and Vancouver, we have on average, at least 2 events a month. And most of them sell out quite a bit in advance, so there is no time to procrastinate. We also offer the added bonus that if you don't find at least one match at a paid event, the next time is free! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now, we look forward to seeing you.