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Are you a sexy single? If you are a sexy single, you'll be interested in speed dating with, where you will meet other sexy singles. Come to one of our speed dating events and go on 25 three-minute dates all in one night! has been responsible for bringing together many people, resulting in long-term relationships, marriages and babies! Since our inception in February of 2002 we have been so successful in hooking sexy singles up, that we get weekly, and sometimes daily calls and e-mails from people letting us know that they just got engaged. In order to attend one of our events, you simply go to our web site at: and pick and event (in your age group) that you would like to attend. It is usually a good idea to not wait too long as the events do sell out quickly! On the night of the event, dress to impress and come on out to meet your dates! The organized evening will begin with you being signed in, and then having some time to buy yourself a drink (as you will be doing a lot of talking) as well as have some hors d'oeuvres. Once it starts, the women will sit down at 25 different tables and the men will sit down with a woman. You will talk to each other for three minutes, after which time a bell will ring and the men will get up to meet the next woman. But not before both parties have discreetly marked a "yes" or a "no" behind their dates ID number. [google_ad] At the end of the night everyone will hand in their cards, after which will put them through their matching program, finding those who said yes to each other. You will receive an e-mail two days later, letting you know who you matched with. The average percentage of people who match at a event is 75%, so your odds are good. Now what are you waiting for - being a sexy single has never been so much fun!