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If you are single, you live in Toronto, and you are looking to meet someone, things are looking good for you. Toronto has approximately 1,850,000 singles according to Statistics Canada, which is about half of the total number of singles in all of Ontario! Surely with almost 2 million fellow singles, there must be someone out there for you. Because Toronto has so many singles , it also has a lot of singles events. Some of course are better than others and sometimes one poorly organized singles event can give you the wrong idea that all single events are like that. Undoubtedly you might have heard stories such as someone going to a single event in Toronto and there being way more men there than women, or visa versa. Or an event that was canceled all together but no one was told. Of course, a few bad apples shouldn't spoil the whole bunch. [google_ad] is a speed dating company that has been holding singles events in Toronto since February of 2002. Most companies can not survive, and they especially can not thrive for such a long time without an incredible track record. We have hooked up more people than we can keep track of. We have held speed dating events at the Blue Jays games even - at their request. We have been on just about every radio and TV show, including CNN, and in almost every magazine and newspaper in each city that we are in. That doesn't happen without an impeccable record of great customer service, well organized events, many success stories and a true commitment and passion from those involved. So what are you waiting for? Go to and see what all the fuss is about.