Single Fathers
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With divorce rates so high these days, there are a lot of single fathers out there. It can be tough for single fathers; according to a new study on Stats Canada, divorce tends to hit men harder emotionally. Men who are divorced or separated are 6 times more likely to have episodes of depression than someone who remains with their spouse, contributing factors being the lack of support and separation from the kids. [google_ad] That's why it's so important as a single father to get out there and meet people! There are so many things to do and groups that you can join to amplify your social life and not feel so alone. is a great way to meet other singles - they are Canada's Speed Dating Service. In one night, you will sit down, one on one, for up to 25 three minute dates! This is a fun, no pressure atmosphere, which can be extremely effective in helping you get your dating legs back again. There are no endless dates where you wish you were anywhere but there. even has events specifically geared towards Single Parents. They are perfect for single fathers and single mothers - you will find you have so much in common already with the other participants that conversation will be easy. So get out there and enjoy the excitement of being single!