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Are you a single female in Toronto? You are not alone. There are almost 400,000 thousand fellow single females out here, looking for a single man. If you were under the impression that there were more single females than single men, think again! The great news is, there are slightly more single men out here than there are single females. And out of almost 400,000 single men, there HAS to be someone who is the right fit for you. The question just becomes, where do you find him? [google_ad] Even though it has been said that Toronto is a difficult place to meet someone, we beg to differ. There are so many different occasions at which you can meet members of the opposite sex, you just have to get out there and be open and do it! Besides meeting people through friends, taking courses in subjects you would like to know more about, and going out to singles bars, there are singles speed dating events, singles parties, singles minglers, singles boat cruises and all sorts of singles parties out there! The more you put yourself out there as a single female, the better your chances will be. Of course, you have to be truly open to meeting someone. Sometimes we will notice someone come into our singles speed dating event and it will be very clear that they are not open to meeting a single female yet. This is the case with both single men and single females. There is a certain air about them and it is obvious that they have been hurt and are just not ready to open themselves up yet. If we can notice that, you can be sure we won't be the only ones. So arrive when you are open to meeting singles and letting them get to know the real you. A singles speed dating night is a fun night where single females will really meet some interesting people and have lots of stimulating conversation - at the very least. And you immediately have something in common with all of the singles, you are all single and looking! Not only that, but we have had countless marriages as a result of our singles speed dating events, and even some babies (as we like to call them). There have been several occasions where we have received a grateful e-mail from a formerly single female, letting us know that they were wary of trying speed dating and that they decided to just do it to "support their single female friend" and that they ended up marrying someone they met at the event! You never know where you will find your man, but we CAN tell you that singles speed dating events helps to increase the single female's odds. So what are you waiting for? Don't sit on the sidelines. Create your own destiny and check out what singles events we have going on. Create your free profile by going to our home page.