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Are you a single who is into fitness? Do you like to running or working out at the gym or playing a sport such as tennis or hockey? Is it important to you that your potential partner is also into fitness? Wouldn't it be nice to find other singles who you can run with, or who you can go swimming or hiking with? Someone who has those same interests as you do? [google_ad] If you are single and fitness is important to you, we know that you will find many other singles at one of our speed dating events who are also into fitness. In fact, it is the busy singles that make it out to our events. Singles busy living life, singles busy working out, singles busy at their job. It is those singles that require the ease and practicality of meeting so many other singles in such a short amount of time. Besides, you have to be a fit single to be able to meet that many people in one night! There used to be a stigma about dating companies; that they were for people who couldn't get a date. We laugh about that one because things certainly have changed! The singles at our events certainly don't have problems getting dates, they are just looking for different ways to meet singles besides the bar scene and through their friends and on-line. The feedback we get from many of the singles who are into fitness and who have attended a speed dating event is "Wow, I was amazed and to be honest, surprised at how many great singles came out!" But don't take our word for it. Become a member for free and sign up for one of our single speed dating events and find out for yourself.