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If you are single in Calgary, you are in luck because you have a right in your city! We are just the company to help you to get out there to meet a lot of single people in Calgary just like yourself, who are open and excited to meet someone. Calgarians have a lot to be proud of. With its stunning Rocky Mountains just an hour west of the city and its location in a region of foothills and high plains, Calgary is a beautiful city where you can meet lots of singles. Calgary has many major mountain resorts near the city and is a known destination for ecotourism and winter sports. It has an extremely multi-cultural population and was also recently ranked as the world's cleanest city! [google_ad] So the setting for love and romance is there, there is more than enough to do with your date! Not only that, but according to Statistics Canada, there are close to 300,000 fellow people who are single in Calgary! At one of our singles speed dating events, you will sit down for up to 25 three-minute dates. You will then mark down "yes" or "no" on a card behind the ID number of each date. At the end of the night, everyone will hand in their cards and we will find the people who said yes to each other. We will them let you know who you matched with, and exchange your contact information. is also the only singles speed dating company in the city that offers a "Don't get a match? Next time is free!" guarantee. For every paid event, there is one free event if you don't match with someone. This might be because you didn't find the right singles in Calgary you thought you might like to get to know more, or because there were some but the feeling wasn't mutual. Out of 25 people in that case, surely there must be someone you can connect with. There is no reason why you should be single in Calgary, if you don't wish to be. And joining our speed dating service is as easy as can be. Membership is free. You automatically become a member and pay only once you reserve a spot for one of our speed dating events where you can meet fellow people who are single in Calgary . We have different events for different age groups. Getting to know other people who are single in Calgary has never been easier!