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Where do you go to meet some wonderful women when you are a single man and no longer wish to be? A good place to start as a single man, would be at one of our singles speed dating events. We know, of course you think we would say that but we really mean it and stand behind it. Think about it. Where else can a single man have the undivided attention of a whole lot of single women for three to five minutes at a time? Where else will you find that many single women who are sincerely open to meeting someone? And that all for the price that it would cost you to go to a bar for a few drinks, and possibly meet a couple of single women. To join, membership is free. There are no hidden costs involved. The only time when you will pay as a single man is when you sign up for one of our events, whether it be our singles speed dating parties, or singles minglers or our singles boat cruises. [google_ad] There are many singles services out there that charge you a lot and we are not sure why you would want to do that when as a single man, it is so easy to simply attend one of our singles speed dating events and meet so many single women. We are not going to pretend that we know what you are looking for in a woman as a single man. We will let you do the choosing for yourself. But don't take our word for it, just give it a try. Many others have and (un)fortunately we have not seen them again as they have been so busy dating the single ladies they met at our event. As a single man, life has never been easier.