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If you are a single mom, we can probably deduce a few things about you already. Besides the fact that you love your kid(s), you are extremely busy and find it more challenging to find potential love interests. As a single Mom you would like to, but where do you find the time, and what about the complications once you have found someone of introducing him to your children. It all just sounds slightly overwhelming so instead, you often just keep on going on and factor your own needs out of the equation as a single mom. [google_ad] Well, you are one of over 550,000 other single moms in Canada, but you don't have to be if you don't want to be. We'd like to tell you that there ARE ways in which you can have it all. How can we be so sure of that? Not only because we have the proof in that many single moms have come to our speed dating events and are now happily dating again (and some single moms have gotten married as well!), but also because it just makes logical sense. Where else can you meet 25 eligible single men, to whom you can talk to for three minutes each. These men are open to having a relationship and many of them might have children of their own. In Toronto we even have an event for single parents. So if you are a single mom and you are looking to be single no more, just get a free membership with us and look for the event you would like to attend and sign yourself up! As a single mom, you owe it to yourself.