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If you are a single online, you are not alone. There are millions of you out there. How has it been working for you? Are you still single online? If you are, we are sure you have encountered numerous obstacles in the online dating field. Have you communicated with someone and it seemed like things were going well, but then when you set up a date online and actually met them in person they were nothing like they said they would be? The picture they had on their single online profile must have been taken 20 years ago? Or they had the most annoying whiney voice? They were completely self-involved? They believed they were taller than they really were? There was just no chemistry at all? What a shame to have spent all that time communicating online, and all that time getting ready for the date, and now you are stuck with them for a few hours to top it all off. [google_ad] This is one of the many reasons we are so passionate about speed dating. We are all busy, but we all are still looking for that special someone. In one night of speed dating, you meet 25 singles and you meet them for three minutes each. As we are sure most of you know, even though three minutes is a short amount of time, three minutes is enough to know whether there is any interest in talking to them more, or not at all. How long did it take you to realize on your last bad date that this wasn't going to work out? Why spend any longer than three minutes talking to a date if you know this already? The other bonus is, you don't have to deal with letting someone down after that first date. If you are not interested in someone at a speed dating event, you just mark them down as a "no" and that will be the end of that. Membership to is free. You simply pay for whatever event you would like to attend. We have the extra bonus that if you do not find a match at our regular speed dating events, the next time is free! So if you have been single online, get away from the online and join us offline so we can hook you up!