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Remember the time when if you were looking for singles ads, you would open up your local paper? Their number would be there and interested parties could call. Nowadays, for the singles ads that are listed in the news paper, to protect the privacy of both the ad placer and the interested party, they quite often offer a phone number to call where you can hear a message by the ad placer and give the interested party an opportunity to leave a message as well. [google_ad] And of course, the internet has revolutionized the entire singles ads scene. You can now easily have your singles ad on a myriad of on-line dating sites and have people respond to you by e-mail, via a messenger service, and some by phone. It can be overwhelming and cost a lot of time! Even today, nothing can beat human contact. That face-to-face interaction. That chemistry that you can only feel when you actually meet someone. So even though the opportunities are boundless, we have still found that once all is said and done, most singles prefer this over placing singles ads out there. This is one of the reasons why our speed dating service;, is so wildly popular. We have been busy holding speed dating events, since our inception in February of 2002, and we have never looked back. We host an average of 150 events a year and have been hooking up singles relentlessly. Hey, the more love in the world, the better right? The beauty too is that if you don't find a match at one of our regular speed dating events, the next time is free! If you haven't tried us yet, what do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain? Some great dates? The love of your life? Don't leave fate to chance. Sign up now.