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A bar is one of the many places a single might go to meet other singles. Of course, unless it is a singles bar, it might be difficult to know whether that cutie at the end of the bar is single or not. You may knock back a few drinks and get the liquid courage to go up to make your move. It is now almost closing time and you have already spent a pretty penny on drinks and you find out cutie is not available, or not interested. You go home, having wasted another night. Now of course, not all singles bar stories end up that way, but when you think about your own experiences, we are sure you would agree that this is not uncommon. And there comes a time when, frankly, this is not as much fun as it used to be. This does not mean you are old or over the hill, and it does not mean that you don't like to still go to a bar, but it does mean that it is time for some changes and some different ways of doing things. You can go on-line and spend your nights browsing through profiles, you can go on a singles adventure, or you can go to what by sheer logic, seems to be the most effective way of meeting a lot of singles; a speed dating event! Some of the advantages of attending one of our speed dating events are: There is an even number of men and women You meet 25 singles in one night The singles that come out are busy professionals like yourself who are looking for different ways to meet others They are serious about meeting someone and dating These singles are open You will know whether there is chemistry or not and if not, you don' even have to see them again should you choose not to The amount of money it costs to attend an event is less than you would usually spend for drinks at a bar, and definitely less than you would spend on a date Oh, and did we mention, that if you don't find a match (meaning both people said "yes" to each other), the next time is free? So singles bars, though they have a place in the socials singles scene, are far from your only option. If you have not tried an event with, you're missing out on something. Many of our events sell out in advance so don't wait to sign up. You perfect date might be awaiting you.