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When you are wanting to meet singles in Toronto, you may find yourself looking in places that are just too traditional. You may be going to bars, attending singles nights at a restaurant or trying to meet people on line. Though this may work in some cases, there are better options. It seems to be a real waste of time e-mailing with someone you met on-line, only to find out there is no chemistry in person, or going to a "mingle" party only to be stuck with one person for much of the night or to find that there are way more women than men (or visa versa). Don't laugh - it happens all the time! [google_ad] What if you could just meet with a whole lot of other singles in Toronto in one night and spend only 3 minutes with each of them? Enough time to know whether there was some sort of spark there or not. Not so much time that you are wasting your time with someone with whom there is no connection. Well, as a Toronto single you can! is Toronto's speed dating company. We have been around since February of 2002 and have been hooking up singles in Toronto since! With a match percentage of 75% (a match meaning two people picked each other) and a guarantee that if you don't get at least one match the next time is free, you really can't go wrong. We understand that you are busy and we know that this doesn't mean that you wouldn't make time for a good relationship, so we just want to help you spend your free time most effectively and get right down to it. Once you have made your matches, you will be sent an e-mail with their contact information and they will receive yours. From there you can continue the romance. So what are you waiting for? Other Toronto singles are waiting to meet you. Sign up now at: