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Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, with over 1 million people, of which around 300,000 are single, according to Stats Canada. It seems a shame to live in such a wonderful city, known for its winter sports and the mountain resorts nearby (the incredible Rockies are only 80 km away!) and to not have someone to share that with, especially considering there are that many singles there. If you are someone who enjoys being in the company of someone special and who is ready to find that special someone, then Calgary speed dating with 25dates.com might be just the thing for you. Speed dating with 25dates.com has quickly become the rage with many singles finding their partners. It is simple, and it is simply effective. At one of our speed dating events, for which you sign up in advance on-line, you sit down with up to 25 singles for 3 minutes each. We do this at a pre-determined location, a restaurant or a bar. Once you have "dated" someone for 3 minutes, you then mark down on a card whether you are interested in seeing them again (discreetly). You then proceed to talk to the next person. Once you have met everyone, it is then time to hand in your card to one of the 25dates.com hosts. We will then put it through our matching program, which will find the matches (the people who said yes to each other). If you don't get at least one match, the next time is free. [google_ad] Speed dating in Calgary with 25dates.com is so effective because everyone there is single. Everyone there is interested in finding a partner. Most of the participants are looking for different ways to meet people, they are not as interested in meeting people in bars. Most of the participants are busy professional with limited time and meeting 25 singles in one night therefore works for them. Everyone has some sense of adventure because those who don't, wouldn't have it in them to try this. Look at all the things you have in common already! A Calgary speed dating event with 25dates.com is a must try experience. You only live once and what do you have to lose? Many others took the chance and found what they were looking for.