Thursday May 24th, 2018

Speed Dating Calgary

Meet up to 12 Singles in ONE Night!

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Ages: Men: 35-45 / Women: 30-40
Cost: $ 59.99
$ 49.99
Venue: Bookers BBQ Grill and Crab Shack
Address: 316 3 St SE
City: Calgary, T2G 2S4
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Your host/hostess for the night is:  Tim
Free hors d'oeuvres

At this event you will go on up to 12 five-minute dates. Sound like fun? It is! And like so many others have, you just might meet your match!
Energetic haunt in an old warehouse featuring BBQ & Southern-style seafood, with live blues music.
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