Success Stories - Kelly and Anthony
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Your event on December 16, 2021, changed my life; I met the man I am going to marry. I attended the event the month prior in November with no matches but went back the very next month and kept an open mind. I’m glad I did because I met Anthony!

Our five-minute date turned into ten with him being my last date of the evening and finding out we both own a Jack Russell close in age. After the event was over a few of us stayed for a couple drinks and dinner. I sat across from Anthony and he shared his fries with me.

A couple days later, we received the email. I was thrilled to find out we matched. It didn’t take long for him to send me that first email where we exchanged numbers. Before long, we were on our, I guess, second date! He took me for dinner. We hit the ground running, celebrating New Year’s Eve together!

Winter came and passed and soon our dates turned into going to the beach, camping and cottage trips, bike rides and patio dinners. After discussing the idea, we agreed we should move in together. In June 2022, six months later, I moved into his house, renting out my own. In September 2022 he proposed and in May 2023 we are getting married.