Attitudes for Successful Dating

We all have an outward persona we show to the world, as well as the “real” us who lives inside our heads and our hearts. As a single person in the dating world, it can be frustrating to get past that initial phase where people tend to judge us based on first impressions, preconceptions, and […]

The History of St. Valentines Day

It’s only fitting that a holiday as dramatic and emotion-filled as St. Valentine’s Day has just as dramatic a history. To know the story of St. Valentine, we must first introduce you to Claudius the Second. He was the Emperor of Rome in the 3rd Century AD where Valentine lived. Claudius was in need of […]

What is Your Relationship to Love?

In honour of the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day – it might prove worthwhile to take a good look at our own relationship to Love itself. It’s something we all seem to crave, it’s often not what we expected, and it can take us to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows… Humans are […]

2017 Dating Resolution Ideas

Hopefully we made some improvements in 2016 that will help us gain more perspective about our lives and ourselves, bring more happiness to our daily lives, and get us closer to our long-term goals. Now that we’ve begun 2017 and the dust has settled, it’s a great time to make those New Year’s Resolutions, specifically […]

Resolutions – A Look Ahead at 2017

New Year’s resolutions are a good way to set goals for the year ahead.  However, the success rate for these resolutions, according to a recent random telephone survey by Opinion Research Corp. of Princeton N.J., revealed that only 8% of North Americans achieve their goals.  The main problem?  Unrealistic goals met with unrealistic timelines. Perhaps […]

Dating: Getting a fresh start in 2017

The marking of a new year can be a great chance to evaluate the past, and determine what we’d like to strive for in the months to come. While new year’s resolutions are often grandiose (and often unrealistic) changes, we can instead choose to focus on attainable steps which will improve our overall state of […]

Dating and the Art of Conversation

Some people are great conversationalists. Interesting things seem to just roll off their tongues, they never seem to be at a loss for words, but most importantly, they make you feel comfortable when talking to them. And if we look (and listen) closely, it’s not even so much what they’re saying but how they’re saying […]

How to Assess Your Relationship

When we first meet someone and experience that “spark” – nothing compares to that feeling of initial excitement. Have you ever noticed though, how it can take over everything and before you know it you wake up wondering, “How did things get like this?” All people have needs, and sometimes the need/want for physical intimacy […]