3 Red Flag Fix-Its For The Single Guy

You never get a second chance to make a first impression (especially in the unapologetic game of dating). True, it’s cliché and overused, but it’s the truth, and the truth can hurt. While meeting someone new, judgments are made within a blink of an eye, and these impressions build upon the other to form a conclusion. Will there be a second or third date, even marriage? From first sight to the first conversation and meeting your friends to seeing where you live, your impressions can be dealbreakers (or dealmakers). Here are a few suggestions to help you eliminate those red flags destroying your dating game.

Decorate Your Age

A dirty, messy home is a strong indication of how you live and can be a major turn-off. First, go through your house and get rid of outdated items representing you poorly. The irreverent posters and beer can sculptures may have been cool and funny in your college frat house, but bro decor can quickly scare off a date and prevent any potential long-term relationship. Let go of the Coors Light cowboy hat from spring break and throw away your Mardi Gras beads.

Second, upgrade the look of your home décor — go for a minimalist interior design with subtle, strategic accents. Subtle accents can be as simple as chic blinds to add color to a bare wall and give energy to a room space. Bring the outdoors in by incorporating plant life into your decor. Miniature bamboo sculptures or a leafy corner plant can help to liven up your living room and show that you see life through an adult lens, even with your decorating.

Mens Health Living recommends attracting your dates with these dealmakers:

  • Bookshelf (with interesting books)
  • Soft throw pillows and quilt on the couch
  • Bright blue or red walls
  • Canvas wall art or mural

Ditch the Addiction

In this world of technology, instant communication and the need to feel “plugged in,” the impulse to reach for and look at your phone can be an addictive compulsion. Give your date 100 percent of your attention. Using your phone to get directions or check movies times is generally acceptable, but scrolling through Facebook or replying to text messages will surely end your night without hopes of a second date. Respect your date and show that you appreciate her company. Nothing kills romance more than rudeness. Can’t resist that text message ringtone or every time your phone lights up? Turn it to silent and turn off your notifications in your settings. You’ll be less tempted to check your phone if you don’t receive alerts.

Dress to Kill It

First dates and job interviews aren’t too dissimilar. Someone whom you want to impress is making decisions about you based on your appearance. (Sounds harsh, huh?) Before your date, pick an outfit representative of your style without going over-the-top. For men, dressing in nice jeans and a sport coat or blazer can display a sense of sophistication for an upscale dinner date. But don’t be afraid to go casual with a nice pair of sneakers either. Rock a clean, ironed and high-quality T-shirt for a less fancy and more carefree date. As a rule of thumb, stay true to your style and just dress it up slightly with a pair of dressier pants or a brand new T-shirt.

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