Four Dating Tips for a New-Aged Digital World

In some ways, dating is a lot different than it was even a decade or so ago. Instead of having to venture out to public places to meet potential partners or rely on recommendations and the dreaded blind dates that were set up by well-meaning friends, now it’s possible to use technology to meet all kinds of people. From apps like Tinder and OKCupid and websites like and the like, you can now meet literally dozens of new people from all across Canada, all without leaving the comfort of home.

Even though the methods of meeting new people are now based more in technology than anything, it does not mean that the actual face-to-face dating should be centered in the digital world. In fact, there is a lot to be said meeting face to face as in speed dating and for the old-school and-gasp-even old fashioned ways of treating someone when you are spending time together. The following dating tips will never go out of style:

Dress to Impress

Yes, you have done most of your “getting to know you” conversations online, on the phone or via text. While you can text someone a smiley face emoticon at 10 p.m. while wearing your jammies, this is not the case for when you start dating in person. To make a great first impression on your potential new sweetie, an article by Thought Catalog suggests taking extra care in your appearance. While this doesn’t necessarily mean busting out a suit and tie or fancy dress, you should still accept that appearances count and choose outfits that look really good and are complementary.

Bring Along Chocolate or Flowers

Presenting your date with a token of your affection may seem a bit cliche, but there’s a reason people do it. In two words: it works. There is just something really nice (and unexpected) about opening up the front door and finding your date with a smile and a box of Godiva or Ghirardelli chocolates or bouquet of flowers. Flowers and/or chocolates show your guy or gal how excited and happy you are to be spending time with them, but not in an over-the-top way.

Pick Her-or Him-Up in Person

As Elite Daily notes, picking up your date at his or her home is an old-school gesture that really needs to make a comeback. How about this: instead of sending a quick text that says, “@ Starbux then omw – want a latte?” drive to your date’s place. Then, once your coffee or lunch date is over, drive your honey back home.

Send a Thank You Note on Actual Paper

While you may have met via Tinder and set up your date via text and email, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself to electronic means of communication. In a piece from TheEighty8, we are reminded that there’s nothing quite as old-school charming as sending an affectionate note or card on real paper with words of endearment. In a world where most of the mail that we receive is either bills or junk mail, opening up the mailbox and finding a nice card is sure to be a pleasant and romantic surprise.


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