Can I pay at the door?

As we want to make sure that we have specified number of people for each event, we can not accept funds at the door as it increases the chance of someone not making it.
On the site it reads "meet up to 25 (or 15, or 10 depending on event) people. Does this mean I might only meet 5 singles?
How do I know if a speed dating event is sold out?
The speed dating event is sold out, can I be placed on a waiting list?
Is the individual registering provided with the opportunity to indicate personal preferences (such as ethnicity, age range, etc.) of the dates that he or she would like to meet? Are participants screened?
At 37, I am over the age limit for your 25-35 group. I wonder if I am still eligible to participate in this group?
Can I pay by certified cheque or money order?
I would like to pay by certified cheque or money order, but that option is no longer available.
Is there a fee for each successful match?
Can I pay at the door?
How do I cancel for a speed dating event?
I did not get an email from after the speed dating event.
Where are your speed dating events held?
What do your speed dating events cost?
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