Zodiac Speed Dating Patterns

February 13, 2010

Dating Services Company 25dates.com Reveals Zodiac Speed Dating Patterns

Top Canadian dating services company 25dates.com reveals that your dating patterns may be written in the stars. No matter what dating method you subscribe to, be it: Dating personals, free dating online, singles chat or even Christian Dating, you might be interested to know that at speed dating events, people born under the Zodiac sign of Libra are the most likely to pursue love, as well as to be pursued.

Although the Zodiac signs are all represented fairly equally at their popular speed dating events, Librans are the best represented, at 9.27%, followed by Geminians at 8.82%. Perhaps it comes as no surprise to those familiar with Zodiac signs that Librans are known to be in love with love and it is their main driving force. A Libran is happiest when part of a couple.

The Zodiac sign least likely to attend is an Aquarius at 7.70%. According to Zodiac beliefs, Aquarians can seem detached from emotions. Although they have feelings, they tend to be different than other people’s feelings.

Librans are not only most likely to attend but also are the likely to be chosen at a 25dates.com speed dating event at 9.20%. “Perhaps this can be attributed in part to the fact that since love is so important to a Libra, they are more open to it and therefore are more approachable and successful at it," muses 25dates.com President Ragna Stamm’ler-Adamson.

Interestingly, the signs Gemini and Virgo are the runner-ups in both attendance and most likely to be chosen. According to the Zodiac, Geminians are typically excellent conversationalists, charming and lively, which make them a very good candidate for attending and being chosen at a speed dating event. Virgoans tend to be very choosy with their partners so perhaps they figure that a speed dating event perfectly affords them many choices. Virgoans of both sexes possess considerable charm so it is no surprise that they are chosen often.

Arians are least likely to be chosen, at 7.57%. Arians are known to be direct and candid and can be easily irritated by what they perceive as the foibles of others.

No matter what sign you are, with the differences being less than 2% between the signs, the similarities really do outweigh the differences in terms of often each sign attends or gets picked.

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