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So you're single and ready to mingle! You've gotten over your last relationship, and you want to meet some sophisticated, fun, open and adventurous singles. Many of your formerly single friends have since been hooked up, many of them married and you are wondering what about me? Will I ever find that match for me? The one I come home to at night, that safe place to be, that person who shares in my successes and failures, as if they were their own? [google_ad] Well, there is no reason to just sit there being single and wondering, when so much of your destiny is in your own hands! You are not helpless when it comes to love. You need to put yourself out there and start dating until you find your match! Chances are you have already met your friends' friends and dating a co-worker is not always a good idea and since most of your friends are no longer single, you don't have anyone to go to the bar with anymore, and besides, you grew tired of the bar scene. So what to do? Well, what if you could go on 25 mini-dates in just one night? What if you knew all those people were single and in a similar situation as you and ready to mingle! And what if you could just mark them as a yes or a no and unless it was a mutual yes, you would have only spent an interesting 3 minutes with them, but no more? And what if, if you didn't find a match on that night, you could attend another night for free and meet yet another 25 singles ready to mingle? It does sound too good to be true, but it isn't. That is exactly what we do here at and we're good at it! So good in fact, that we have been covered on everything from CNN to the discovery Channel. So good, that we get mails from people all the time, who are getting married because of our service. Hey, we're even helping the human race grow, as "" babies have been born because of our unions! Are we proud of this? You bet! There couldn't be much that is more satisfying than to be able to help spread the love. So sign up now and see if the one you're looking for is there that night and your life can change for the even better.