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Remember when we were young and we belonged to all sorts of clubs? It was such a great feeling to know you belonged to a group with similar interests, so why should that change just because we're adults? We all know age is a state of mind, and one kind of club we can join as adults are singles clubs. It's very possible if you're single that you've already joined an online dating network. In fact, according to a study written by Dr.'s Brym and Lenton called Love Online, over 1.2 Million Canadian's have visited an online dating site. And, according to the same study, online daters are very social people, with 41% belonging to clubs - including singles clubs. [google_ad] If you're one of the ones who already belongs to singles clubs, then you'll know it's easier to find these clubs, the bigger the population of your city. For instance, if you're in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver you've probably already researched the clubs and singles clubs in your area. There's clubs for outdoor activities, book clubs, sporting clubs, cooking clubs, singles clubs geared specifically for dating - the list goes on and on. A lot of clubs have pesky membership fees and you don't always get the value they promise. is one of the free singles clubs you can join in Canada. specializes in speed dating events. By signing up for your free membership, you gain access to the latest news and discounts we offer. The only time you pay is when you decide you'd like to attend a specific event, but there are no hidden costs associated with whatsoever. So if you're looking for new singles clubs to join - try!