I am new to the Toronto area and was very pleased with how helpful and organized your event was... I was lost trying to find the place and I got simple directions on the phone to make it on time from the 25dates phone number... What a great way to get out and enjoy a new city. Couldn't be happier, and 25dates was the best 50 dollars I have spent since arriving in Canada. You can really tell how much heart you put into your business.
Thanks Again,

— Jacob - Toronto
Well, here is another Calgary success story for you.

Ross and I met at your April 2007 Speed Dating event at the Distillery. It was my second time and his first. When all the men took their seats I was his first 'date'. It actually turns out that we had 'met' a year earlier at his work but I just couldn't place him, I just had this feeling that I had met him before. Well, perhaps that intrigued him, but he e-mailed me a few days later and the rest, as they say, 'is history'. We got engaged just a few weeks shy of our first anniversary and will marry this September 2008.
I can't thank you enough for helping bring us together and for finding my wonderful guy, I am the luckiest girl in the world! I was never really into the 'alternate' methods of dating, I always thought I would meet someone through a friend or share a romantic glance from across the room. Since none of that was really working for me I thought I would just suck it up and try something different. I honestly would recommend Speed Dating to anyone looking for a mate, and have. There is no substitute for meeting people face-to-face. It works, we are proof of it!
Thanks again and we will send you guys a photo of the wedding...

— Lisa & Ross
Just wanted to let you know that Jim and I got engaged over New Year's and we met at your May 3rd event 2007. I attended about 4-5 of your events and really had almost given up actually meeting someone after years of dating and bad boyfriends. I can't believe I met such a wonderful man. Your events are very organized, enjoyable and most of all comfortable and I believe it was this environment that helped me relax and be myself so that I could be open to meeting someone.

All the best and a million thanks. I wish you continued success with your business. I have recommended your events to many friends and acquaintances.

— Cyndi
I want to thank 25dates.com for existing as a company. If it weren't for you I never would have met the love of my life. A few good friends convinced me to try the experience, "who knows who you'll meet, and if you don't fall in love you might at least make a friend or two," they said. Well I did fall in love. I guess you could say "at first sight." She was one of the hostesses at the first event I went to. Although, I was too shy at the end of the night to ask her for her number or even give her mine. She was at the second event I went to though, and I finally got the courage to give her my number but I was still too shy to ask for hers. A month later she called me and we made plans for dinner. I guess you could say the rest is history as we'll be celebrating our three-year anniversary of being together at the beginning of 2008! Thank you 25dates.com!

— R.M. - Toronto
I want to let you know my success story. I met someone through 25dates back in March 2005. We were just married last month, July 2008! We are incredibly happy together. 25dates is truly a wonderful way to meet people, and I would recommend it to my single friends.
— Erin from Mississauga
The person I met at 25 dates in Sept. 2004 asked me to marry on Easter weekend... so we are a success story for you! Thanks :-)

— Wendy - Vancouver
Thanks to 25 dates, I am getting married!!! Yes, almost 2 years ago on Nov 23, I met a wonderful man and we have been together ever since.

— Mary Jane and John
I just thought I'd pass on a success story regarding 25dates.com!

Last March (2006) five single friends and I thought it would be a hoot to try speed dating for the first time. We attended one of your Toronto venues and had a great time. As soon as I saw my now fiancee walk through the door - I remember commenting on him to a friend and we hit it off in our three min. together. We began dating a couple of weeks after that first event and have been together since. He just propsed last week and we are planning our wedding for next summer! We will be sure to include something about our wonderful chance meeting at 25dates.com in our wedding speech!

— Melissa - Toronto
One of the best in Canada.
— www.speeddatingreviews.com
I just wanted you to know that I am actually in a committed relationship at this time and have been for over 3 years.
The man I am with is one that I met on my first every 25dates experience. I am living proof that speed dating really works.
Thanks for everything.

— Kim - Toronto