I had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a a lot of fun. Thanks for putting on such a great event, it's obvious you put a lot of time and energy into it, and that you're very skilled at what you do. I should have tried this sooner. And to think i've been keeping my a** at home all this time. Anyways I really do appreciate your support and your enthusiasm, it made the process a lot easier than I ever expected and more fun than I ever thought I was going to have. big, big, big shout out to all of you for everything!!!!!!!! Thanks girls from the bottom of my heart, I really mean it.
— Cori - Toronto
Just a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed my evening and was very impressed on how well it was all organized. I have never done anything like this before and it is a great way to meet people.
Welll done to all of you and thank you for a nice evening!!!

— Vilma - Toronto
We're getting married!!!
In January 2003, I went to a 25dates.com event in Vancouver. It took a girlfriend of mine a good few months and a lot of nagging to convince me to do it but finally I decided to take a chance and try something new. Little did I know that on the other side of Vancouver, a guy named Dan saw a 25dates.com ad and decided to step out of the box and attend the same event.

3 minutes doesn't seem like a very long date. But it was long enough for Dan and I to connect and decide we wanted the chance to get to know each other better.

The rest is history and I believe it was meant to be. We fell in love and I'm so lucky to have found such a wonderful, sweet and romantic man to share my life with. On July 30, we got engaged and are planning a wedding next year.

To those involved in 25dates.com - we can't thank you enough. And to all you singles out there who are wondering where to meet someone - our advice is to give speeddating a try. You might just meet the love of your life!

— Lori & Dan - Vancouver
Hi Ragna,

I kept this email from Aug 2008....
just in case I ever felt the need to update you and your crew.
The person that I met almost two years ago at your wine tasting event is going to be my husband in September !
Just wanted to let you know that your service worked - all a matter of being in the right place at the right time, of course - and it happened to be at one of your events.

So thanks for providing the opportunity - well worth it ! I hope you have many more success stories in your files !

: )

— JeanAnn
I attended an event in May 2003 and became engaged last Friday to my match! All I can say is a big THANK YOU for organizing that event as it has changed my life for the better! Friends and family know that we met through 25dates.com, and we've encouraged lots of people to try it as well. I can't say enough good about it - as well as my fiancee, I met a few nice girls that I've kept in touch with. Even if you don't walk out with a future husband, it seems to be a good group of people attending, so some good friendships can come of it.

— Ann - Toronto
25dates.com forces you to give consideration to someone you would not normally give consideration to - and it works! Thanks.
— Barbara & James - Calgary
In today's world abundant with lousy customer service you and your staff should be commended on your superior customer service. I have only been to one of your events where I also found the service there to be exemplary.
— Andrea-Toronto
I had a great time attending your event and meeting all the men. Your staff is extremely friendly and professional. This is the second time I have attended your functions, and I am very satisfied.

— Catherine - Toronto
I went to one of your events, once, last Aug. There I met Julie, the love of my life. We've been inseparable ever since. Thanks, 25dates.com, you have made us one happy couple!

— Steven - Toronto
If you knew what a fabulous experience I had, you'd understand that I HAD to write you to express my appreciation. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Honestly, I never would have expected to meet so many outgoing people in such a short period of time! I made so many new friends and possible romantic interests. Can't beat that!
— Adam - Toronto