Thanks for the great event last night, it was really well organized. All of you guys were extremely helpful and empathetic. I was a little stressed before and didn't think I'd be able to drag myself down there to RD's Ribs, but it was excellent and I was pleased at the turnout. I've already told a bunch of my friends about it. I was very pleasantly surprised, and am looking forward to see who picked me :)

— Sara - Toronto
I have been to one of your speed dating events and I think it was one of the best experiences I have had.

— Jennifer - Toronto
Perhaps I should of shared the good news with you earlier, last summer when I attended your function I met someone! We are celebrating our one year in less than a month!
You guys did a great job! Thanks.

— Jacqui - Toronto
Most enjoyable evening you ran. It is wonderful to meet ladies like yourselves who enjoy their business and do it so well. I am going to recommend you to all my friends.
— Terra - Toronto
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for last night. I am not sure how many people actually email you the next day to let you know how the event was, but I thought I would take the time to say thank you and it was a blast!

I also wanted to say that you are all great hostesses. It isn't often that you see so many people doing their jobs and loving it at the same time. You seem to really enjoy what you do and I must say you do it well!

So, thanks again for the evening....I will make sure that all of my single friends give 25dates.com a try!

— Meagan - Toronto
I would like to thank you. Your company has been extremely courteous and professional. I attended an event at Steamworks and you guys were very friendly and fun. I had a great time last time, maybe too good.

— Sean - Vancouver
Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to update you.... I really had no desire to go to the 25dates.com event - I was sort of forced into it and had no expectations what-so ever.... up until I actually entered the Gypsy Co-op I was still thinking of simply not going - being a "no-show". Well, as fate/destiny would have it - I met the man of my dreams and he's moving in with me. We are head over heals in love with each other - we have been waiting all our lives to meet each other and we finally met through you. So,
thank you for the opportunity.

Follow up
I thought you might be interested to know that I am now engaged to the man I met through 25dates.com.

— Natasha - Toronto
I thought I would drop you a quick note letting you know how my speed dating results turned out!

I went to the speed dating event on August 6th... Since the Monday after that, I have been dating William (one of two matches I got from that session). It turned out we have a number of common interests: classical music/opera, jigsaw puzzles, working out, steak dinners, and sleeping in. He's got a great sense of humour and is an intelligent, interesting conversationalist. We agreed last night over pillow talk that we make each other pretty happy. :°) Things are going well.

Thanks for offering this great service/opportunity for singles... I tell all my single friends who are looking: try speed dating. You really never know who you could meet!

— Karen - Toronto
I wanted to say thank you for the great time I had tonight. It was truly a FUN FUN evening and well worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Robert - Toronto
It's a small investment to change your life. We recommend you to go to 25dates.com.

— Humble and Fred - Mojo Radio
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