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Why Some Women Remain Single

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Throughout history, a very different picture has been painted when it comes to the Single Woman vs. the Single Man. Single men are seen as "bachelors" - independent, having fun, and enjoying life to its fullest before getting "chained down" by a woman. Single women on the other hand, have long been seen as less than whole if they're not attached, lonely spinsters, and cat ladies. Hopefully by now in the age of human equality, we all know these archaic views are just that - out of date, and untrue. However, the lingering effects of deep social strongholds can die hard, and women are often the guilty ones when it comes to letting go of old, stale self-perceptions. Reasons Why Some Women Remain Single 1. Many women are not so much ashamed of who they are, but simply unsure. When going through the dating stage of a relationship, a woman's instinct can often be to hide her personality, for fear of rejection. She waits to see how she fits into a man's lifestyle/personality, before "risking" the rejection which she fears could come with him knowing her true self. This results in no real connection being made, or a false connection being made with someone who really doesn't care about knowing the real her anyway. 2. Some women have no problem meeting men, they date often, but seem unable to have a lasting, committed, relationship. Often the fear of being alone motivates women to have temporary relationships with men they don't really have an intention of staying with. There is a lot of deception involved in these relationships; by using another person to temporarily fill loneliness, you self-deceive, as well as lead someone on unnecessarily. If a woman is not focused on creating a real relationship (if that's what her goal is), she may be giving off the wrong signals to potential mates, by always appearing "taken". 3. Women are notorious for "settling". Again, the fear of being alone can cause a woman to try to make a man "fit", when in reality the relationship is just not working, and really bares no resemblance to the type of relationship she actually wants to have. Women tend to get emotionally attached quickly, and find it difficult to distinguish between attachment based on fear, and actual love. 4. Addictions, such as alcohol, food or drugs, can also create the appearance, or "vibe" that a woman is taken. If her life centers around her addiction, there is no room for love with someone else. 5. Past loves. Sometimes there is an on-going and unhealthy attachment to a past love which prevents a woman from truly moving on and being able to commit. Even if there's no chance of the relationship rekindling, the guilt, sadness or anger she carries around is what's stopping her from moving on. We often ask ourselves, why am I still single? What is wrong with me? Why doesn't anyone want to love me? The answer of course, as always, is look within, and figure out what you are doing to hold yourself back. It's not about being an undesirable person, but about letting the wonderful person you are shine through so others can see. Blaming or projecting onto others is natural, but only results in a delay of growth and progress.


What about women who are extremely secure and satisfied with everything in their lives? I know you are a dating website, but not every single woman wants or feels she needs a relationship at all. In this day and age, why is the concept of a woman who wants to stay single and independent so baffling?

I think that many older woman who are financially independent and healthy remain single. There are a good number of older men who are looking for a nurse or a purse!
Why settle for nurse or purse?

A few comments. Firstly, you make mention of women not really knowing who they are and I recognize that as an issue. But the kinds information your profile questions elicit seem to be of a psychological nature, rather than a social nature. And that's unfortunate because I think we are drawn to people in similar or familiar social milieus, and it seems that not enough of your questions elicit information of that nature. And secondly, there seems to be no mention of political leanings; is that not important? And if it's incendiary, isn't it better to know it from the start? Would be very interested in hearing a response to these queries.

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