Individuality – Are You Being Yourself?

These days, it’s fair to say that as humans, we’re evolving on many levels. Social and personal conformity has become less important, gradually being replaced by self-expression and individuality. Evolution is inevitable, and because it’s now happening on levels of spirituality and consciousness, it can at times, be confusing and even overwhelming. Bridging the gap […]

Tips for Smart Date Endings

Dating in the early stages can be a highly charged situation. When we’re getting to know someone, especially on the first date, we often have to fill in the blanks about what to do, what’s appropriate, and what the other person’s reactions are going to be. While spontaneity is a wonderful, even magical thing, first […]

5 Smart Questions to Ask on a First Date

The first couple of dates we have with someone are usually the ones where we decide whether or not to pursue something more serious. Chances are, you know if you’re attracted to someone physically within the first few seconds of meeting them, but after that it’s important to get a sense of what’s in their […]

Tips for Removing Expectations

It seems as though the more chaotic life gets, the more we try to control it. We seem bound by time and schedules, we’re constantly telling ourselves how things “should” be and how the people around us “should” behave, and by doing so, we’re filled with unrealistic expectations which lead us to constant disappointment. Even […]

Red Flags for Dating

The feelings that arise when dating someone new that we’re interested in are like none other. There’s excitement at the possibility of falling in love, a general sense of elation/happiness, and sometimes fear too, as we might be a little gun-shy from a previous relationship gone bad. The bottom line is, with so many emotions, […]

Tips for Rebuilding Trust

Trust. It’s one of those intangible aspects of life and relationships; elusive, yet necessary. When we trust people, we put our confidence in them, and expect they’ll be honest, faithful, keep their promises, and stay committed and respectful to the relationship. However, because we’re also human and fallible, we sometimes make mistakes which damage or […]

Confidence Builders for Dating

Although dating can be quite exhilarating, fun and exciting, the truth is, it’s also a real test of our character. While it’s fun to meet new people and explore romantic connections, dating can also challenge us to deal with the more “unsavoury” aspects of our psyche, like rejection issues and low self-esteem. It’s a well […]