How Does Lying Harm Us?

Telling lies is something we’ve all done, and probably all do on occasion – some of us more than others of course. By definition, a lie is a form of deception, which contains three characteristics: The liar intends to mislead or deceive, their lie communicates some information, and the liar knows what they’re saying is […]

What Is The Point of Being Single?

Being single is not usually our first choice as a relationship status. As human beings, we crave physical and emotional affection and we get lonely when we don’t have a partner to share things with. To make matters worse, doesn’t it seem when you’re single that everyone in the world seems to be in an […]

Love Stories

Love stories – If you sometimes find yourself falling into that negative headspace of “STILL” being single, we’re here to catch you! We know love is possible, because we’re lucky enough to have our clients tell us it happens all the time! The fact that we can even be part of facilitating such a wonderful […]

Are You Dating the Wrong Person?

Everyone has experienced the passion and excitement of a new dating relationship, otherwise known as the “Honeymoon Phase”. You can’t wait to spend time with each other, you start to think about your future together, and it feels like you’ve finally found “the one” – you can’t imagine your feelings for each other changing. Some […]

Important Relationship Discussions

It’s easy when we’re first attracted to someone, to let ourselves imagine them as that perfect person we’d always hoped we’d meet and have a relationship with one day. Growing up in a culture where love is over-idealized in movies, fairytales and music, it’s no surprise that we often let our imaginations eclipse the reality […]

Tips for Keeping Commitment Alive

So you’ve finally found someone you’re compatible with, that you can picture yourself spending the rest of your life with. So that’s it, right? Fairy tales and the media tell us we can relax and live happily-ever-after! Wrong. If you’ve ever actually been in a relationship, you know that it takes more than just compatibility […]

How to Stay on Track in the Dating World

Do you ever feel like the dating world isn’t what you thought it would be? Initially, you start out excited and hopeful about finding that special someone, but somewhere along the way, it becomes a jungle of first impressions, dashed hopes and meager prospects. So what went wrong – is it you or is it […]

Positive Perceptions for Meeting People

When it comes to our life experiences being positive or negative, a huge part in the outcome of how we feel is determined by how we view things. Because our lives contain so many people and situations we cannot control, it’s important to remember that the one thing we can change is our perception. For […]