11 Tips to Get Your Life Together Before Dating

If you want to date someone who has their act together, you better make sure you have yours in line, too. One of the most attractive things about a potential life partner (other than his sparkling eyes or her sense of humor) is stability; a person who takes responsibility for their actions and works hard to create a future.

Here are some tips to get your life together before you start dating seriously — and to make you more attractive and prepared for a relationship.

Your Pad

The state of your home says a lot about you. Clutter, junk mail, dirty counters and an overgrown yard indicate a person doesn’t have pride of ownership. Assess your current crib situation. If you still have Christmas lights hanging, take them down for goodness sake. Remove piles of clothes, clean under the microwave, and wipe down the inside of the refrigerator. If you still live with your parents, it’s time to move out!

Your Style

Doing your best to look good is a most basic principle when dating. You don’t have to go George Clooney on the lady, but you do need to get your grooming on. Shave, trim your nose hair, and wear a crisp shirt. And, ladies, don’t overdo it. Too much makeup can show a lack of confidence in your appearance, and most men just don’t like it.

Your Career

Focus on your career and future goals. Find a job you’re passionate about and that inner drive will shine through when dating. Visualize success and take steps to climb the corporate ladder. Dress for the job you want and educate yourself to keep your brain on top of its game.

Your Self-Worth

Self-esteem and confidence go hand in hand. Find your happy place and those around you will feel it. If a woman is fierce, she won’t need her man constantly reassuring her how he feels about her. Likewise, a self-assured man is extremely alluring — as long he’s not cocky.

Your Car

Not only is the condition of your car an integral part of your self-worth, it’s also a reflection of the person themselves. Take care of it like a grown up. Keep the inside and outside clean and free of clutter. Change your oil, check your tire pressure, and rotate those tires every 7,500 miles. If your tires are on their last bit of tread, replace them with a high-quality, safe set.

Your Online Image

The first thing a new potential partner will do to vet you is snoop about your social media accounts. Now is a good time to grow up and delete those embarrassing party pics from college. Don’t get involved in Facebook drama, especially commenting/arguing about politics and religion. Big red flag!

Your Health

Wake up call — you’re not getting any younger. Go to the gym. Get a check up. Get tested for sexually-transmitted diseases so you can be 100 percent honest about the state of your health when your relationship gets more serious. Take care of yourself.

Your Cooking Skills

If you don’t know how to cook, take classes and learn some basics. Men, the days of women in the kitchen are long gone, and it’s your responsibility to take part in every aspect of life. Read cookbooks, watch the Food Network and put those cooking skills to the test.

Your People

Emotional clutter be gone. Make a list of the friends in your life who need forgiveness, those who require praise, those who deserve thanks and those who need to be ditched. Having an established circle of friends is attractive to both men and women, as your friends are a reflection of you.

Your Money

If your saving account looks slim, dedicate a certain amount to it each paycheck. It doesn’t have to be much — $20, $50, $100 — whatever you can manage. It’s the start of an emergency fund for unexpected events. After you save up $1,000, begin to pay off your debt, explains Dave Ramsey.

Your Baggage

Get rid of it. Period.

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