6 Love Inhibitors

Like the song says, all you need is love. Ever notice that when you’re in love everything else doesn’t seem as hard in life? Work is less stressful, people are less irritating, and we tend to be just generally more content and positive. We spend a lot of time thinking, hoping and wishing to find love, not to mention searching, dating, losing and then searching again. And with so much societal emphasis put on it, with so many things seemingly beyond our control, it’s easy to subscribe to the theory that love is chance, happenstance – that it’s elusive. More and more however, people are awakening to the fact that we actually have a very big say in what happens in our lives, and the life we create for ourselves starts of course, within. So what are some love inhibitors – ways we may be stopping ourselves from allowing love into our lives?

6 Love Inhibitors

1. Love Illusions. The fairy tales we’re read as children don’t always translate into real life. When we believe in things like love at first site, or love conquers all, it creates an illusion in our minds about what love is supposed to be like. Love is a wonderful thing, but when it involves human beings, it can’t help but be influenced by each individual’s views, habits, and relationships with love. When we’re not realistic about the work relationships take, the ups and downs, we often give up to keep looking for a love illusion.

2. Needing Love. When we come from a place where we believe we won’t be complete unless we find our “other half”, we’re on the wrong path. Love is about giving, and if you feel you need someone else’s love to feel whole, you’re already starting with a love deficit. The only way to be a strong and healthy partner is to love yourself and know you’re complete BEFORE you embark on finding love.

3. Not Being Yourself. Love needs authenticity. If you try to find love when you’re not being yourself 100%, whatever and whomever you find can never be fully real. Sooner or later your truth will come out, so if you’re not happy with yourself or pretending to be something your not, you will need to deal with these issues in advance.

4. Not Being Accountable. We all have choices and the gift of free will. When we behave in ways that are counter-intuitive to love, we will not attract it.
Jealousy, manipulation, acting like a victim and playing games are all things which will inhibit love in your life.

5. Not Being Clear. If you don’t know what you’re looking for in a mate, how will you ever find them? Get clear with yourself – decide what you want, need, and are prepared to give in a relationship. What are the deal breakers, and what are you able to compromise on? With clear intentions, finding love and allowing love to find you will be all that much easier.

6. Not Feeling Worthy. If you don’t feel you deserve love, it will be extremely difficult to attract it. Get rid of the belief that you’re not good enough, and begin to focus on your positive qualities. We ALL deserve love, every single one of us!

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