8 Signs They’re Flirting With You

In the always-interesting world of dating and flirting, there’s nothing much worse than misreading signals from potential dating interests. Universally, no one likes rejection, yet we always hear that life is about taking risks and chances, and not being afraid to go after what you want. When we don’t know someone however, it can be difficult to gauge how they feel about us because we have no background on how they typically relate to others. Luckily, there are some universal flirting signs that most of us use, so if we’re paying attention, it’s possible to piece together how they feel about us. Usually there isn’t just one sign of flirting when someone likes, you, but a combination of a few of the following:

8 Signs They’re Flirting With You

1. Leaning Towards You. This is a nonverbal communication that they want to be closer to you. If you think about how far away you want to be when you don’t like someone, this makes perfect sense.

2. The Sideways Look. When we first meet, it’s not always easy to make full eye contact. Stealing glances is a really good sign of interest.

3. Open Body Language. When someone is NOT interested, they’ll turn away, cross their legs or arms or lean back. When someone IS interested, they’ll do the opposite.

4. They Laugh. We’re not talking about laughing AT someone, but when someone laughs at your jokes, even when they’re not that funny, they’re usually flirting with you.

5. Playing With Their Hair. This is a very common sign of flirting from women; when they flick their hair or twirl it around their fingers they’re probably interested.

6. Looking at Your Lips. When we start to visually explore someone’s body parts, it can be a strong signal we want to get to know someone better, and we’re dropping the physical boundaries.

7. Raising Their Eyebrows. Studies show when we first see someone we’re interested in, we slightly raise our eyebrows. This is one sign of flirting that’s particularly unconscious.

8. Light Touches. One of the more obvious signs, if someone is closing the physical distance between you by lightly touching your arm or knee, it’s usually a green light!

Ragna Stamm'ler-Adamson