10 Cool Spots for a Hot Summer Date

With warm air, a cool breeze, and the shining sun as a backdrop, the summer is a time of adventure and possibility. Not just for family fun or bonding with friends, but also opening yourself up to romantic discoveries and making memories that will last a lifetime. After you’ve met a great match at one of 25dates.com’s speed dating events, it’s time to test the waters of the new relationship. If you’re tired of the old date and a movie shtick, here are ten great ideas to enjoy with your new love this summer:


  1. Picnic in the Park. Impress your date with your culinary skills – she doesn’t need to know you picked up the items at your favourite local Italian deli! Lay down a blanket in a city park, or take a romantic drive together and find a scenic and secluded spot to get chatted. With great food, great company, and an even better view, it’s a nice way to connect with your match.
  2. Road Trip! For some great dates, you don’t even need a plan. Just head out on to the open road and see where you end up. You might end up in a dud of one-stop town, or you might find a hidden gem of a restaurant or trail that you’ll always come back to year after year. Roll down the windows, pump up the tunes, and start making memories.
  3. Museums & Galleries. You probably expect to save the indoor dates for the winter, but hear us out. On the muggiest days of the year, there’s something refreshing about escaping into an air conditioned venue to cool off. You’ll cool your body and exercise your mind in one informative afternoon.
  4. Go for a Boat Ride. Get the hair whipping in the wind and set off on the water. If you aren’t one for high-speed motor boats, you can rent a canoe or paddle boat from a local lake and spend time chatting as you enjoy the view.
  5. Local Fairs. There is something special about reconnecting with your childhood and going to a local fair. Try to win a big teddy bear for your match, or prove to him that you’re not afraid of the haunted house. End it all with a meal of corn dogs, cotton candy, and Slush Puppies.
  6. Wine Tasting. To refresh your palette after the summer fair, a wine tasting is a very mature and romantic date idea. Even if you don’t fancy yourself an amateur sommelier, let yourself become engrossed in the natural beauty of the vineyard.
  7. Patio Time. You can tour the entire world – in your beer mug. Just as you enjoyed the experience of sampling 25 different love matches at a speed dating event, you can sample a variety of different beers until you find the one that’s just right.
  8. Summer Movie. Ok, so we said earlier that dinner and a movie is a bit of a tired idea. But with the release of Magic Mike XXL, Train Wreck, and huge blockbusters like Jurassic Park, there’s something for everyone this summer.
  9. Be a Tourist. Sometimes the best dates aren’t where you hunt for hidden gems, but where you embrace the local landmarks. Be a tourist in your own city and visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, head to the top of the Calgary Tower, or go whale watching on the Pacific.
  10. Farmer’s Market. Take a walk to the nearest farmer’s market and pick up the freshest and plumpest vegetables. Combine it with a trip to the local butcher, and head home for a self-taught cooking class for two. What’ll be for dessert?


Don’t let summer love pass you by. Take your match on one of these ten dates and let the summer spirit of adventure and excitement guide the way.

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