10 Signs Your Date is Into You

As magical as a 25Dates.com Toronto speed dating event can be, it also means you’re going on 25 different first dates with 25 different people. A single first date can be nerve-wracking enough, but if your date likes you then it can become pretty obvious right away. The trick is to know the signs of genuine affection.

  1. Communication is a Cinch

When you get to where you are going, keep an ear out for good conversation. A date that is really into you will most likely want to talk quite a bit to get to know you. Although you may think that shyness is common, it isn’t when there are genuine feelings involved.

  1. Eye Contact Comes Easily

Flirting glances and lingering eye contact are also good signs that your date is really into you. If your date is avoiding your gaze then you might want to start planning your exit strategy. However, if your date looks into your eyes a lot or shyly looks away when your peepers meet, you might have a keeper.

  1. Body Language Speaks for Itself

If you and your date start gravitating towards one another naturally, that is also a great sign. Body language is more meaningful than the words we say. So, if you and your date feel compelled to get closer, let it happen.

  1. Future Plans Are Made

When your date asks you to hang out in the future beyond the Toronto speed dating event, you can bet your bottom dollar you had a great time. It doesn’t necessarily matter what your upcoming plans turn out to be. The point is that your date wants to see you again.

  1. The Date Doesn’t Seem Long Enough

It can be hard to say goodbye when you’re having such a good time. On the other hand, bad dates will make you want to leave as soon as possible. If time seems to be flying, you’re with the right person.

  1. Smiles Come Naturally

Can’t stop that smile from forming on your face? Consider it a good thing. Uncontrollable smiles during a date are indicative of success, so show those pearly whites and don’t be shy about it.

  1. You Open Up

Do you feel as though you could tell your date anything? Are you compelled to divulge your entire life story over dinner? If so, your date is probably going better than you think.

  1. Teasing

You may not be in the school yard anymore, but teasing is still one of the most obvious signs that someone likes you. If your date teases you a little bit to make you laugh, don’t get offended. The truth is that they’re into you and want to see what makes you tick.

  1. You Become Mirrors of One Another

While hanging out with your date, take note of how they move. When you get quiet, do they? When you lean to the side, do they follow your lead? This is a sign that your date is trying to connect with you, which is an indication that they truly dig your company.

  1. Moments Seem to Linger

When saying goodbye, does it seem like every second lasts a few minutes? They say time stops when you’re having fun. So, did this date make your moments linger? If so, it may be time to plan a second outing.

If you have a mutual match, you will be forwarded their contact info and you can both take it from there!