3 Surprising Things to Be Thankful for Your Partner For

When was the last time you told your partner you were thankful for their part in your life? Sure, it’s easy to thank our significant other for cleaning up after dinner, walking the dog, or making the bed but what about those other reasons? The ones that are deeper, harder to recognize, and easier to overlook?

Being more conscientious in your relationship with your partner is a great New Year resolution. Gratitude is often appreciated most when you recognize the tiniest tasks and the quirkiest tokens of affection from your partner. Below we’ve included three surprising things to be thankful for that maybe you hadn’t previously considered.

Your partner is willing to ask for help

Occasionally, it can be hard to admit when we can’t do something, especially when we are completely determined to take care of a situation by ourselves. Maybe your partner chose to ask for your help assembling furniture before throwing a tantrum and cursing the instruction manual. That is no small feat.

It could be that your partner insisted they could take care of the entire Thanksgiving dinner without realizing the full scope of the meal. Did they order the pies from a local bakery instead of driving themselves crazy in the kitchen? That deserves a high-five.

Did your partner determine that it was worth purchasing additional insurance, knowing that if an electrical problem arose, a licensed professional would fix it right away instead of blindly presuming they could do it themselves? That is a huge win too, and worthy of a thank you!

Your partner doesn’t take themselves too seriously

Let’s say you’re on a date, and your partner is eating spaghetti. Somehow, an errant meatball escapes the plate and marinara is splashed on your significant other’s shirt. They could become mortified or angry. They could want to cut the date short. However, they could also shrug it off and continue to enjoy the meal, recognizing that this kind of thing happens to everyone.

We’ve all seen the person who has done something embarrassing in public and went completely ballistic. Take a moment to thank your partner for not being that person.

Your partner helps others

Of course, it’s great when our partners do favors for us, but isn’t it also fantastic when they selflessly help others, too? Whether it’s through dedicated volunteering, or simply aiding a neighbor with cleanup after a storm, knowing your partner is willing to lend a hand is such a good feeling.

All too often, we get so sucked into what we’re giving to one another that we forget to appreciate what our significant others are doing for people beyond the scope of our relationship, especially during the challenging periods.

There are countless reasons for us to be thankful for our partners. Expressing our gratitude doesn’t only make them feel good, but it serves us well, too. By being observant and not taking each other for granted, our relationships can thrive. Pay closer attention and see how you might appreciate your partner a little bit more by dropping an unexpected thank you when they least expect it.